5SENDS supports both businesses with regular delivery needs and individuals with ad hoc delivery needs with the our 4 hour door to door express courier service. We provide delivery services for various product categories – Flowers – Documents – Food and beverage – Frozen Foods – Packages. 

5SENDS offer door-to-door and our driver will hand-deliver the item instead of asking the customer to collect the item. The driver will then park and hand deliver the item to the recipient, unless there is a block either by the security or the building itself is inaccessible to the public such as touch card entry. 

5SENDS do allow prescheduling but pickup and drop off must happen on the same day. 

You can decide if you would like to sing up or just place an order without having to sign in or sign up. You can get instant quotation and you can book the driver with cash paid on pickup or delivery. 

Currently our main service areas are Klang Valley. We are looking to expand and cover the whole of Malaysia. 

Yes, you can place your order for multiple parcels to send to a different location. 

5SENDS ensure that our 5SENDER are your trusted delivery partners. Our 5SENDER will go through a strict criminal background checks, provide valid identity, vehicle registration and road tax documents. 5SENDS will insure your delivery for up to RM200. You can also track your packages if you have placed the order on our app.

For fragile and irregular sized packages, 5SENDS strongly encourage merchants to mark the package as ‘FRAGILE & HANDLE WITH CARE’ in the note section and reinforce the box to minimize any risk of breakage. In the event of breakage, 5SENDS insures your items up to RM200 (for non-perishable items only).

When an order request is placed, we assume it’s ready for pick up and will dispatch the closest 5SENDER immediately. The order can still be cancelled but you need to bear a base rate charges. 

Cash payment would be the default payment if you choose to place your order without signing up for account. There is also an option to sign up for a cash account. This is called and individual cash account. With this account you are only able to make payments to the 5SENDER using cash paid to 5SENDER either at the pickup or delivery point. 

The maximum weight for a motorbike would be 10KG and for a car would be 40KG. The maximum dimensions for a car would be as long as the item fits into the car and a total weight of below 4KG our courier can pick it up. The maximum dimensions for a motorbike would be 36cm x 36cm x 36cm only. 

Matching guarantee Yes. All deliveries are guaranteed Nil
Schedule order Yes. May pre-schedule orders ahead of time Nil
Package Damage Guarantee Yes. Up to RM200 insured (for non-perishable items) Nil
Customer service Dedicated relationship managers assist your enquiries Nil
Fail to deliver 5SENDS will reach out to assist re-delivery Packages will be returned to 5SENDS
Payment method Credits purchase Credits purchase / cash
Operation Hours  Monday to Sunday  (8am to 12am)

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